They say when you purchase a new truck, it isn’t really complete until you’ve had a bedliner professionally installed. At AutoMax in Dublin, GA, we are the area’s leading provider of new bedliners for trucks, and we are extremely excited about how they can add value, durability, and a sense of style to your brand new or pre-owned truck. If you plan to use your truck for any kind of hauling, dumping, or physically taxing labor, then you owe it to yourself to have installed a bedliner in Dublin, GA, from the masters at AutoMax. Make an appointment and we can explain how this relatively inexpensive service can keep your truck looking great for years to come.

Bedliners Dublin GA

Bedliners are typically spray-on coatings people will have installed in their truck beds to protect from damage, paint chips, corrosion, and rust. These coatings, which include the top-quality Bullet Liner, which we proudly install here, aren’t like some of the more superfluous services and aftermarket add-ons you can have attached to your truck; these can really save the truck from long term damage and keep them looking great.

But these bedliners, which are typically less than $1,000 dollars as a one-time expense, absolutely MUST be installed by a trained professional. Trying to install them yourself is extremely foolish, and can easily and quickly damage your entire truck bed. Bring your truck by the bays at AutoMax in Dublin, GA, and let our team discuss your options on getting your very own spray-on bedliner installed.

Are Bedliners Necessary?

In a word, yes. You shouldn’t be driving a truck without a high-quality spray-on bedliner, like the Bullet Liner, that has been installed by a trained professional. Why? Your truck is likely one of your biggest investments, and if you plan to use the bed for anything but hauling fluffy kitties, you are risking damage (and even then!). Not just dings and paint scrapes either; spray-on bedliners protect from corrosion, rust, weather, you name it. If you are driving a truck, you need a spray-on bedliner in Dublin, GA, from the experts at AutoMax.

Bedliners Near Me

Finding a truly qualified auto repair shop to install a spray-on bedliner isn’t always easy. Some places claim they have the staff on hand with the training necessary, but that just isn’t always the case. When you need a spray-on bedliners in Dublin, GA, the only shop you should trust to do it right is AutoMax. Make an appointment!

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