When you drive a car every day, you form sort of a special bond with it. You know and understand that car inside and out, and you begin to learn all the things that make it special. Thinks like how long that AC takes to get cold, or that the driver’s side floormat doesn’t ever want to stay in one place. When you know your car this well, you generally tend to notice if a new problem rears its ugly head. A new clunk from the engine, or more exhaust than usual are only two of hundreds of things that can go wrong, and when they do, let’s face it – you are no mechanic. You wouldn’t know a transmission issue from an engine one, so when a new mystery issue becomes apparent – or your check engine light is activated – you need auto computer diagnostics in Dublin, GA, from the team at AutoMax.

Computer Diagnostics Dublin GA

What are auto computer diagnostics? It is the process of interfacing your car with our state-of-the-art computer diagnostics computer, which “talks” to your car through a series of tests. These tests return information to our team of trained technician in the form of computer datasets. These datasets allow us to narrow down where the problem is, and our team will then perform a visual inspection in which we can drill down and pinpoint the exact location of the issue before we discuss the necessary repairs with you. Don’t let an undiagnosed problem go for too long; bring your car for auto computer diagnostics in Dublin, GA, from the experts at AutoMax.

Check Engine Light Dublin GA

The check engine light is one of the more mysterious dashboard warnings you’ll see. The brake and oil light make no bones about what they are indicating is wrong, but the check engine light can be just about anything. A lot of drivers will ignore this warning, but that isn’t the best move. Problems caused by the check engine light only get worse over time, so at first sign of trouble, come to AutoMax for computer diagnostics in Dublin, GA.

Diagnostics Near Me

When something is wrong with your vehicle, or if your check engine light is activated, you are in need of auto computer diagnostics in Dublin, GA, from the experts at AutoMax. We use a combination of technology and know-how to get to the bottom of things, and we are happy to help with repairs when the problem is identified. Give us a call today!

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